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Every business tells the world that it stands for quality. But to really prove that your product is of the highest standards, you need quality assurance testing or QA testing that really puts your software through its paces.

Here at Centigen we are among the leading software testing companies UK-wide with expertise in devising and developing QA software testing solutions that drive standards and help you establish manage and measure innovation effectively.

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Choosing a QA outsource model can be an extremely effective way to ensure user satisfaction, intuitive function and, as a result, build business reputation. Putting your software testing in the hands of a third party offers a fresh pair of eyes and new way of thinking to your project – so if there are any errors, mistakes or oversights they can be identified and dealt with quickly.

Our software testing services

Put all your quality management requirements in safe hands.

Functional testing

Checking that every feature of your software solution meets business requirements.

Performance testing

Pushing your software to its limits to ensure that it can perform under stress.

Useability testing

Assessing how intuitive and easy to use your software is for untrained users.

Automated testing

Using the latest technologies and software tools to increase test coverage and ensure that bugs or glitches are identified fast.

Unit testing

Digging down into each individual unit of your source-code to check core quality and functionality.

Feature testing

Evaluating the ability to add or modify features within software to ensure capacity for future development and enhancements.

Mobile testing

Appraising an application’s compatibility and performance on mobile devices.

Cloud testing

QA testing is performed using cloud infrastructure to simulate high traffic and stress test your application.

Cloud testing

As one of the leading UK software testing service providers, we are dedicated to helping you get the best results by holding your applications and solutions to the very highest standards.

Our team of highly qualified and motivated technology professionals will work with you every step of the way – from first briefing meeting to final delivery and beyond – to ensure that you and your customers always get the right result.

Our attention to detail and exacting standards set us apart from other software development companies. We think differently and we are never afraid to challenge our clients where we feel we can help them to innovate and drive change more effectively.