MVP Development

A Minimum Viable Product development service that drives maximum confidence when you head to market

MVP development: Gain critical insight into the future of a solution

Take the time, cost and risk out of bringing a new proposition to market by testing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with Centigen.

We can help you significantly reduce time-to-market by making the development process fast and more agile than would otherwise be possible. By “dipping your toe” with a solution that has all the basic functionality, you can accelerate the development process and gather valuable feedback from users.

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MVP development: what are the benefits?

It’s a fair question to ask why a company would want to trial a product or solution that is made to a “minimum”. Years of experience have shown us that MVP services can significantly progress software projects by identifying areas for improvement and keeping costs under control.

By testing a solution with just the core functionality built in, we can help you gather valuable user input earlier than would otherwise be possible. This idea validation enables you to analyse the technical elements of your product and gain a clear understanding of what is feasible.

Our experienced and skilled team will take that important market analysis and user feedback to improve and reimagine your prototype at a fraction of the cost you would typically require to bring your final vision to market. This agility is particularly important for start-ups or early stage businesses where costs are tight.

Whether it is a landing page or a mobile app, trialling an MVP can help to cut out mistakes early on – perhaps before you present your solution to investors or a broader audience.

How it works

Here’s how we help organisations like yours to save time and money to gain proof of concept and, ultimately, long-term success.

Discovery and scoping

A workshop is typically used to define the project requirements. Areas investigated include user experience, interface and tech architecture. Compressing this phase into one session helps to expedite the planning process.

Once the project parameters are agreed, we are able to scope the requirements of the MVP work and quote accordingly for the prototyping phase.


The next step is to take your idea through a streamlined software development process to achieve a product that captures the essential technical and design features you require.

QA Testing

No matter how minimal the proposition, we always commit to rigorous testing and quality assurance on any MVP. We believe that reduced functionality should never mean compromising on quality or reliability.


MVP development is typically restricted to just a few weeks’ work. This agile approach helps you reduce your time to market and enables you to gather feedback quickly.

Why Centigen?

We believe that we are different from our competitors. As one of the leading MVP companies in London, we have a proven track record for excellence.

Our willingness to think differently is why many leading organisations come to us. We like to challenge our clients’ preconceptions, helping them to innovate and add value to their project. If we aren’t bringing new ideas and expertise to the table, we believe we aren’t doing our job properly.