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Years of experience

Founded in 2012, our company has been proving software development and business process automation services for years and years. We are the smartest people in this industry!

Proven record

Throughout the technology revolution, we were always able to offer the best and the most suitable technology solutions to our clients.

Seasoned team

We are stronger with a team of experienced developers, project managers and consultants who can develop and deploy best-in-class software and business process automation systems.


we specialize in

Business Process Automation

Automation of complex business processes using technology can drive real efficiencies and cost savings for businesses as tasks are streamlined or simplified and the need for human intervention is reduced.

We standardise your data management across multiple business functions where data is received from multiple different data sources e.g. Bloomberg, Northern Trust, Charles River etc. We use a combination of smart tools for data lineage and smart APIs that are 100% bespoke to your needs.

Bespoke Software Development

Developing financial data management software for hedge funds, private equity firms and insurance companies to get accurate, consistent, usable data which helps making smarter decisions that support your business growth and regulatory compliance. With every software solution we develop, we offer ongoing support and maintenance, plus an update and upgrade services.

Robotic Process Automation & AI

The average worker has a lot of repetitive, routine tasks that are dull and uninteresting. Especially when it comes to working with data. RPA is a software bot that we readily develop for multiple different needs. It mimics the activity of a human being and carries out tasks more quickly and accurately, freeing human beings to do other jobs which require more human strengths.

Blockchain & Other DLT

Development of Blockchain and other DLT based enterprise software solutions. We create a private Blockchain to secure your digital identity and develop a smart contract facility for you and your business.

Business Consultancy

We provide end to end business consulting to ensure that you do not miss any opportunities in your business strategy when it comes to data management and process enhancement. As part of this service we aim to identify any further revenue generation opportunities and cost reduction opportunities that may be unearthed in the process of our consultation and journey with you. In addition this service extends to our Blockchain, DLT and Smart Contract offering.


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