Oracle Forms Modernization

Oracle forms is a robust and powerful tool for web development, but has several issues which make it a target for modernisation. Oracle Apex is an ideal migration candidate as it utilises very similar technology but has been designed from the ground up as a responsive, modern web platform.

Issues with Oracle Forms

  • Non-responsive = Not suitable for mobile devices
  • Difficult to find skilled Oracle Form developers
  • Often hard-to-use, non-intuitive runtime user experience
  • Takes significant time for end users to become productive

5 Reasons to modernise your Oracle Forms

  • Need modern, responsive user interface running on any device
  • Need solution for external use (such as customers / partners)
  • Need simplified UX as extending to corporate-wide
  • Unable to maintain / enhance existing Forms apps

Our proven approach to migration

  • Analyze Fmb’s
  • Partial Auto Generation
  • Track Every Detail
  • Create a Similar UI
  • Provide Similar Behaviour
  • Maintain User Productivity

Our Offer to you

  • We can create a FREE prototype for you to prove our solution is the right fit for you. We will analyze a complex .fmb file for you and build a screen prototype, so you can see the process and end result. No strings attached, you’ve got nothing to lose, and can only gain by taking us up on this offer!
  • Our “Forms Migration Assistant” helps you in analyzing, planning, and documenting the migration/rewrite to Oracle APEX.
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