How Blockchain can Transform the Insurance Sector

I love the way technology enables businesses to run faster, better, safer or cheaper. When I hear about buzz words like Blockchain, the actual technology makes sense, but the way it can improve business operations is what I get really excited about….more

How automation is giving hedge funds a crucial competitive edge

This week I have been musing over the importance of automation in the hedge fund sector, and the different degrees to which firms can automate processes to give them a competitive edge.

At one end of extreme spectrum, a financial start-up called LendingRobot is an automated hedge fund which will invest exclusively in loans originated on peer to peer lending platforms, and will use algorithms to automatically buy and sell assets on behalf of its clients, negating the need for human investors. LendingRobot claims that it will offer greater transparency on investments by utilising blockchain technology, and that its low overheads will mean it can charge lower fees than traditional hedge funds. This is a business built from the ground up on automation, and it will be interesting to see how it pans out….more

Five ways cloud-based workflow management could make your firm more productive

We recently designed a cloud-based workflow management solution for a depositary firm in London, who needed something completely bespoke to their working processes. The main driver for the piece of work was to bring efficiencies to the business, but we quickly realised that there were other benefits, which weren’t as immediately obvious, which would help the client to justify their investment much faster than they’d anticipated. In my opinion, the key benefits of a cloud-based workflow management are as follows….more

Bespoke Doesn’t Always Mean Expensive

Anyone working the alternative investment sector will tell you that today’s climate is a tough one to operate in. Regulators are demanding greater levels of transparency and reporting from hedge funds than ever. Margins and commissions are under pressure. Investors are scrutinising processes and ethics, as well as expecting decent returns….more