When we decided to set up our operations 7 years ago, we had a list of principles that we all stood by, as co-founders...

They did not change a bit. It was and still is a distinct desire to deliver complex, most sophisticated software development and business process automation services, that would fill any gap in financial and insurance sector daily, monthly and yearly operations. The experience and skill set of our design and development team enables us to ensure an innovative approach to all of your software needs.

With the help of our developers and consultants our clients were able to achieve results, such as:

1) Making smarter and faster decisions with improved data management and automation tools.

2) Improved transparency and audit trail.

3) Up to 3 hrs time saving per employee per day due to improved automation.

4) 5% avg. annual turnover increase due to new technology solutions.

Сore values

and our advantages


Every software product we develop is purpose built based on individual client's requirements.
Our team of expert developers will take the time to understand your needs, which means you’ll get the highest quality software that does exactly what you want.

Service Oriented

Every solution we provide is supported by the team of experienced developers and there is no risk of key-man with us.
With a fast response rate (less than 2 hours), our service is the best in the business.

Trusted Network of Partners

A network of trusted partners allows us to deliver a highly efficient and secure software products.
We are Bloomberg development partners and we only use leading hosting service providers with the highest security standard certificates.

We review and accept business requests

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