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We are digital transformation specialists who challenge businesses to be better. Whatever your organisations’s size, shape or sector, we can design, develop and implement solutions to help you grow.


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All too often we see businesses using unsuitable digital technologies that are not fit for purpose. At the same time, companies use their existing tools in isolation, failing to apply the joined-up approach needed to optimise processes and enhance productivity.

We understand that navigating the complex world of modern technology can be hard, which is why our expert team are perfectly placed to embed the precise digital technologies you need. From web app development to project management to search engine marketing services, we have the skills to help ambitious businesses like yours succeed.

What we offer

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The Centigen Model

We love to be challenged and we work with organisations looking to challenge themselves. Whether it’s modernising existing technologies in your business, incorporating new solutions or automating operations to put powerful data at your fingertips, our services and solutions are tailored to your needs and aligned with your business goals.

We don’t believe in maintaining the status quo and we always look for ways to drive improvements on behalf of our clients. Our team is comprised of the most talented specialists in their field, which means that we never settle for second best.

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Clients and Partnerships

Artisio AMS

A new concept in client-first, bespoke, auction management software designed for the next evolution of online auctions!

Intelligent, cloud based technology and high-performance AMS delivers powerful front to back functionality across mobile and desktop platforms, from Inventory management and a versatile CRM, through to seamless online auction integration and payment solutions. Artiso is affordable and scalable to growing business needs, managing auction assets and client data securely whilst providing marketing insights and analytics driven by next generation Deep Leaning AI.

artisio auction house software