Organization: Kalisee LLC
Industry: E-Commerce, Retail
Location: Allen, TX USA
website: www.kalisee.com

Kalisee is an online gift shop that was founded in 2012 and specialises in high-quality accessories, bath and beauty products and home décor.

Having built up its client base, the company realised that it was vital to improve its website in order to facilitate business administration, enhance the Kalisee brand and transform the online customer experience. It approached Centigen in search of innovative ideas to help it improve both the design and the functionality of its site.

Centigen conducted a series of consultations with Kalisee to identify the company's specific needs and discuss the problems it faced. Notably, the old system did not allow Kalisee to manage payments, stock or its client base online. On the basis of the consultations, Centigen was able to identify the right content management system for Kalisee and thus greatly facilitate its business administration. Through the new system, Kalisee can better manage its client base and deal with invoicing, stock management and shipping online. It can also issue discount vouchers and advertise special offers through the website.

Centigen worked closely with the Kalisee team to create a website design that would best represent the brand, while also greatly enhancing the customer experience. In particular, it:

•Integrated social media links, allowing users to share all the items featured on the site with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

•Added an image zooming function for each and every item, allowing customers view the products in more detail.

•Integrated its ownCentigen eCampaign Manageremail marketing system, enabling Kalisee to collect email addresses and send beautifully designed email blasts to customers directly through the site.

Added a new payment system, enabling clients to make card payments online.

"We were in a desperate need of improving our website, and Centigen made it all possible with their outstanding service,

innovative ideas, and superb project handling. The website turned out to be more than what we had expected, and it has

been very effective among our audience for its ease of use. The level of professionalism and timely delivery of project by

Centigen, sets them apart from the rest.

I highly recommend Centigen for high quality service and all your IT needs."

Sam Qureshi

Kalisee LLC