Organization: Coin and Medal Fairs
Industry: Events Management
Location: London, UK

Coin & Medal Fairs is the UK's leading organiser of collectible coin and medal fairs, which currently runs four of the most successful and oldest shows in the country.

With 26 shows each year, each requiring months of preparation and complex, manual processes to enrol participants and visitors, it became apparent that Coin & Medal Fairs would benefit from an automated show management solution.

Coin & Medal Fairs selected Centigen to develop and build a system which would allow the show management and other business processes to be automated and contained within a custom built, cloud-based application.

By working closely with Coin & Medal Fairs, Centigen designed, developed and deployed a cloud-based show management system and new company website for Coin Fairs within 6 months.

The project was approached in three phases:

•Assessment: Centigen undertook a full assessment of the Coin & Medal Fairs show management process and ascertained what services could be included in the automated, cloud-based solution. At this stage Centigen also decided what underlying technology would be most suitable for the cloud application development.

•A virtualised server environment was designed and built to host the Coin & Medal Fairs cloud application and website.

•The cloud application and website were built, tested and deployed into a live environment within 6 months.

The new application links to an online CRM and allows Coin & Medal Fairs to register, edit and remove participants, plus assign them to specific shows. Participants receive automated email confirmations via the integrated email system and shows can be added to the system and published directly to the website. These can be edited and removed when necessary.

The new application contains advanced search options to enable the speedy identification of participants using ID, name, address or other profile attributes.

Coin & Medal Fairs have realised significant cost savings by implementing the new application both in terms of management overhead and the fact that there has been no requirement for investment in physical IT hardware or software. The virtualised hosting environment brings down operational costs and provides a robust platform for the cloud-based application which is easily scalable, should Coin & Medal Fairs' requirements change.

The cloud-based application also ensures that all staff can access the system from anywhere with an internet connection.

Looking ahead, Coin & Medal Fairs are considering leveraging Centigen's status as a Symantec.Cloud Registered Partner to implement enhanced security features into their IT system.