Organization: Citrica
Industry: Commercial Cleaning
Location: London, UK

Clients' satisfaction and quality of service are paramount when it comes to being the best of the best, in a service orientated industry like commercial cleaning.

Citrica, one of the UK's leading commercial cleaning companies, approached Centigen with a brief to revamp its website and improve its online presence. Centigen met and exceeded the brief by not only redesigning the website but also developing a bespoke, cloud-based client management system; CCMS, which includes electronic invoicing functionality, an online support ticket management and also a rating system where customers can score the individual services they receive from Citrica. The ratings allow the executive team to undertake accurate employee performance analysis at the end of the year, but also to continually monitor and improve the service they provide according to the client's perceptions.

The Citrica Client Management System, CCMS, is a cutting-edge, custom developed platform which enables Citrica's clients to log into their account and check the status of invoices, download invoices in PDF format, log support calls or chat live online with Citrica's helpdesk team as well as rate every single service performed by Citrica.

Centigen built CCMS from the ground up to meet Citrica's exact requirements, incorporating innovative quality management features which deliver huge benefits for both clients and the Citrica team.

The new website and CCMS, designed and developed by Centigen sets Citrica apart from its competitors and delivers invaluable quality management data which will be used to maintain outstanding levels of service in future.

Centigen supported Citrica in:

•Redesigning the website using Centigen's own CMS system: CenCMS

•Custom developing the cloud-based Citrica Client Management System: CCMS

•Designing a flexible infrastructure to host the new website and CCMS

•Deploying the CCMS platform security, availability and backup tools

•Testing and deploying the platform

•Managing the cloud platform hardware and software on an ongoing basis

With the website and CCMS, Centigen and Citrica have set a precedent for outstanding service orientated businesses. By using the Centigen platform as a basis for bespoke development work, commercial cleaning companies can rely on Centigen as a partner of choice to provide an engaging online presence, with customer service and management tools that bring real value to both the customer and the provider.

Centigen prides itself in offering a responsive, outstanding service, industry knowledge, wide experience of bespoke web and web application design and SEO and online marketing techniques.

If you have a service orientated business and are looking for ways of achieving and maintaining a competitive edge, contact Centigen today.