The importance of branding for every company Mar 9, 2016

Whether you're a fledgling one-person start up or an established company with a global presence, brand management is critical for every business. Without a clearly defined brand, nobody will be able to understand what you stand for, what you offer, or remember you in the future.

More than just a logo

Many people get confused with brand awareness, and think it's all about the development of a logo. Brand management is far more than just a well-designed logo, however. It encompasses what your business is all about, the messages you want to get across, and why you are better than your competitors. It's the public face of your business, so demands considerable time and investment to get it right. Your brand philosophy should be evident across all forms of communication, both online and offline.

Brand design

Effective branding starts with great brand design. Your brand needs to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, be memorable and effective. It can be tricky to get this spot on, so the best way to achieve this is by enlisting the help of a brand and web design specialist, such as Centigen. Choice of words, colours, typography, fonts and designs all impact on the effectiveness of a brand, so this needs to be considered carefully. If you work in international markets, it's wise to ensure your brand messages are coherent and culturally acceptable on a global scale.


Nothing stands still in business, and this is equally true for brand management. A new business will need to create an identity and goals to get its brand off the ground, but this may change as the business evolves. If your brand messages differ further down the line, rebranding is vital to react to these changes. In order to stay competitive and respond to market or consumer changes, even well-established brand names may need to consider a brand re-tweak every five years or so. This can keep them fresh and competitive, and can prove financially beneficial in the long term. Those brands that fail to keep their brand current risk losing customers and may appear outdated.

Consistent voice

With the advent of digital media, brands have more avenues than ever before to get their messages across. This can also make it more complicated for those businesses not familiar with digital brand management, so consulting experts such as Centigen can set you on the right path to digital brand success.

With so many ways to communicate, it's more pertinent than ever to ensure consistency of brand communications across all mediums. From stationery to signage and comments on social media, brand consistency is vital to build loyalty and avoid confusing messages. Every worker in a company, no matter what their role, needs to be considered as a brand ambassador, so it is vital that staff are fully briefed to relevant brand communication guidelines. The more you adopt a consistent approach to your brand, the more you develop brand awareness that helps to establish customer loyalty.

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