Is it time to outsource your website security? Feb 22, 2016

Carphone Warehouse, Hilton Worldwide and the FBI were just three of the scores of global organisations that fell victim to cyber hacks in 2015. Weaknesses in password encryption were exploited, personal data stolen and the resultant chaos led to lost business, poor consumer confidence and, in some cases, millions being knocked off share prices

Breaches in website security can have devastating consequences and, with everyone from huge multinational conglomerates to small local businesses at risk, website security has never been more crucial. As the techniques used by cyber criminals grow more sophisticated, with many breaches now carried out by automated scripts constantly scouring the internet for weaknesses, staying one step ahead is a key factor in keeping your website's defences high. Here we explain how managed hosting can help provide the online security protection you need.

Who do you need to protect your website from?

Identity theft has traditionally been the most common form of online security breach, carried out by hackers looking to capitalise on weaknesses in password encryption and access control. Personal data, including passwords and credit card details, can then be compromised, stolen or cloned. It may surprise you, however, to learn that a significant proportion of online security breaches are now not looking to steal your data at all. These hacks are instead set up to attempt to use your server in order to cause disruption to your company, elsewhere on the internet or to send out spam. Both types of breach, however, have the potential to cause huge disruption to your business and significant losses in your online revenue.

The benefits of outsourcing your website security

Monitoring a website for potential threats and managing all of the software upgrades crucial to keeping your online business secure is a round-the-clock job and one that self-hosters often find difficult to achieve. When your website crashes at 3am or the new security patching application you have invested in isn't compatible with your existing software, it may be time to consider online security hosting. A good web hosting provider will not only be able to keep your website secure by providing vulnerability scanning, anti-malware software, regular updates and 24-hour threat surveillance, they will also offer you greater speed, more storage and a higher performing platform. Additionally, if the management of app content or website infrastructure is taking up too much of your time, a good hosting provider can take this on, allowing you to focus your efforts on your business.

Choose Centigen for bespoke security solutions

Here at Centigen we understand that the security of your website and the protection of your users' data is of paramount importance. That is why we offer a range of fast, secure and cost-effective web hosting solutions to give you peace of mind and enable you to focus your efforts on building a reputable brand and creating a loyal customer base. We are also proud to be an official partner of Comodo, one of the world's most innovative and successful cyber security developers. This collaboration allows us to offer the most advanced e-commerce security solutions anywhere, from penetration tests, to PCI scans. Choose Centigen for bespoke, fast and reliable security solutions.

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