The importance of branding for every company Mar 9, 2016

Whether you're a fledgling one-person start up or an established company with a global presence, brand management is critical for every business. Without a clearly defined brand, nobody will be able to understand what you stand for, what you offer, or remember you in the future.

More than just a logo

Many people get confused with brand awareness, and think it's all about the development of a logo. Brand management is far more than just a well-designed logo, however. It encompasses what your business is all about, the messages you want to get across, and...
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Is it time to outsource your website security? Feb 22, 2016

Carphone Warehouse, Hilton Worldwide and the FBI were just three of the scores of global organisations that fell victim to cyber hacks in 2015. Weaknesses in password encryption were exploited, personal data stolen and the resultant chaos led to lost business, poor consumer confidence and, in some cases, millions being knocked off share prices

Breaches in website security can have devastating consequences and, with everyone from huge multinational conglomerates to small local businesses at risk, website security has never been more crucial. As the techniques used by cyber criminals grow more sophisticated, with many...
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Creating a Secure Ecommerce Customer Experience Sep 14, 2015

If you run an ecommerce site you’ll no doubt be aware that you have to be aware of certain security considerations. Ecommerce sites have become a target for hackers in the past few years; they are after your customers’ data, their online identity information and their financial details. Payment card data, in particular, is at risk from cyber criminal activity. Some of the most high profile cyber attacks have been those that have involved the theft of customer credit and debit card data. One of those attacks, the Target breach of 2014, involved the loss of credit and debit card...
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Why Having a Responsive Website is Important Sep 4, 2015

The use of mobile devices is now ubiquitous. This was exemplified by Search analyst group WebCertain, in the report, “WebCertain 2014 Global Mobile Market”, who found that Europe has had a 98% increase in mobile traffic in the year 2013-2104. Further evidence from Internet analytics firm, comScore has shown that we are now at a tipping point where mobile will overtake fixed internet access. Figures confirm this showing that in 2013, 73.4% of the global online population accessed the internet via their mobile device, a figure expected to be over 90% by...
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